We know how hard it is to manage supplies for your customers- and we can help!  We can streamline your ordering, keep track of your customers, and deliver to cleaning closets.  This lets you rule your world from your cellphone.

Say you have a customer who wants you to bring the restroom supplies and bill them.  We'll deliver to the cleaning closet and bill your company.

Another customer wants to pay for supplies themselves, and take delivery at their receiving dock- but they want you to order.  We'll take the order from you, deliver to the customer's dock, and invoice them.

Of course, you need chemicals, supplies, and equipment delivered to your own place as well.  We can do that, too.

Best of all- we can manage all these different cases for you seamlessly every day.  You can make one call and let us manage it all.

Our customers love this service, and our competitive prices.