A good cleaning plan has always been important, but now it is critical.  Your customers, employees and visitors need to feel safe when spending time at your facilities.  Here are some great ways that you can create a cleaning plan that not only protects everyone, but that is safe, cost-effective and easy to implement.

Cleaning and sanitizing is now an all-day activity

Guidelines for reopening facilities stress the need for frequent cleaning and sanitizing.  This means that a wider group of people will need to take on these activities during the day.  Cleaning products need to be available for users.  These products must be safe and easy to use. Harsh chemicals and some disinfectants require gloves and eye protection to use- this makes them unsuitable for routine use in your building.

Product Choices are Key

You need to choose products that are effective, safe, easy to use, and cost-effective.  We strongly recommend the eco-friendly products from Envirox for these reasons.  The main product, H2Orange2, is an EPA registered cleaner/sanitizer/virucide that meets all those demands. 

Step 1:  What needs to be cleaned and sanitized?  How frequently?

Of course, this is very specific to your space and its use.  For a gym, it means weights and machines.  For a manufacturer it may be assembly stations.  Everyone will have restrooms, most may have breakrooms.  Be very specific and very clear.  List out each surface to be cleaned and sanitized, and decide how frequently this should take place: after each use, three times per shift, nightly?

Step 2:  Who will do the cleaning and sanitizing?

Decide who is best positioned to do each task.  A cashier might be responsible for their own area, you may ask members in a gym to wipe down the equipment that they use. 

Step 3: How will the cleaning and sanitizing be done?

This is important.  You need to have clear instructions and specify what chemicals to use- don't let users bring their own.  Mixing different chemicals can be dangerous, and you must keep control of the safety sheets for each product used. 

Our Advice

We've been recommending Envirox H2Orange2 for more than a decade now.  We've helped day care centers, manufacturers, fire stations, and many other types of facilities set up a safe and effective cleaning program.  The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide- not hazardous chemicals that can present health issues.  Two dilutions of the same concentrate will cover 95% of your cleaning/sanitizing and virucide needs.

This product is extremely easy to use.  In small or medium-sized facilities, you can mix regular 32 ounce spray bottles by hand.  Put just 1/4 ounce of concentrate into a spray bottle full of water for light-duty cleaning- counters, mirrors, white boards, table tops, etc.  Put 2 1/2 ounces in a spray bottle for heavy-duty cleaning, sanitizing, and use as a virucide.

Provide the appropriate bottles to cleaning staff, employees, or users.  The safety of this product allows you to sanitize and kill viruses on surfaces all day long without worrying about the health and envionmental issues that come with quaternary-based products.

For more complete protection against the COVID-19 virus, Envirox makes Critical Care- a safe and environmentally friendly hospital-grade disinfectant. Critical Care is on the EPA's "List N" for use against COVID-19.  It is based on silver ion technology, once again avoiding the risks of harsher chemicals or the need for PPE.  This is a great compliment to H2Orange2 cleaning and sanitizing.  We suggest using Critical Care daily (before opening or after closing) on high-touch surfaces.