A Cleaning Plan for Reopening

A good cleaning plan has always been important, but now it is critical.  Your customers, employees and visitors need to feel safe when spending time at your facilities.  Here are some great ways that you can create a cleaning plan that not only protects everyone, but that is safe, cost-effective and easy to implement.

Cleaning and sanitizing is now an all-day activity

Guidelines for reopening facilities stress the need for frequent cleaning and sanitizing.  This means that a wider group of people will need to take on these activities during the day.  Cleaning products need to be available for users.  These products must be safe and easy to use. Harsh chemicals and some disinfectants require gloves and eye protection to use- this makes them unsuitable for routine use in your building.

Product Choices are Key

You need to choose products that are effective, safe, easy to use, and cost-effective.  We strongly recommend the eco-friendly products from Envirox for these reasons.  The main product, H2Orange2, is an EPA registered cleaner/sanitizer/virucide that meets all those demands. 

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